Sunshine Ruby Red

It’s summertime! Really, truly summer! School’s out, party’s on!


Except this is Seattle. Let’s be real. We’re still dressed in long-sleeves and a jacket. If it’s in the upper 60’s and just a few showers we’re lucky. But it’s definitely summer. How do I know? Well, I saw my shadow today, for one. But I also went STRAWBERRY PICKING! U-Pick is possibly one of my favorite summer activities. It’s like treasure-hunting, but you get to eat the treasure!


Ohmygoodness look at that bucket of pure, beautiful, ruby red sweet sunshine. As my friend once said, “ugh. delicious”. I’ve been holed up in my house for almost a week now. I’ve gotten so bored I’ve started looking forward to asking if there’s any yardwork to do, or cars to be washed. But out in Carnation, where magical berries (not those kind) grow, the air smells sweet, the ground soft, and the strawberries beautiful and ripe! As soon as we got out of the car you could smell the sweetness in the air. And as we walked up to the stand to get our box, I was giddy, pointing out all the pretty strawberries on the plants next to the path. Once we got to our row, it was like a dog let loose in a grassy field. I ran down the row, picking strawberries with both hands, dumping them into the box and going for more. Even with my hands full, I just kept seeing more deliciously ripe berries. I barely even ate one! I just kept picking. We had the box full within about a half-hour.

Haha, you think you could hide those ripe strawberries with your leaves and unripe fruit? Think again! It’s just so satisfying, to look under the green leaves to find a cute, plump bright red little treasure. It was like plucking a little piece of sunshine. With summer classes starting next Monday (Accounting and Chemistry. How. exciting.), I was snatching up all the summer I could get.

An hour and a half in the car, forty-five minutes in the fields, and twelve pounds of strawberries. I was beaming.

Once we got home, it was time to get to work on my little babes. Strawberry jam, frozen strawberries for smoothies, fresh to eat in the next few days, maybe some strawberry pie? Ohhh the possibilities.

We’ll see what sorts of strawberry things we can come up with next! And you know, raspberry season starts in July. >:)


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