Don’t be a stranger

Since I live in Seattle, we have rain semi-constantly. That means that, even after the summer solstice and probably after July 4th, it’ll be raining here. And not the cute refreshing mist like a garden sprinkler. We’ll get the torrent that seems like it’ll sweep the city away into the Pacific Ocean. So I see a heck of a lot of raincoats and umbrellas.

Have you seen the new-ish bubble umbrellas? They’re not kidding. It’s a bubble around the person. But it almost feels like we’re shielding ourselves from each other than from the rain. Umbrellas are naturally meant as an individualistic thing. “I’m protecting myself from the rain. I don’t have space for you, sorry” It puts up a more physical barrier to our “stranger danger” mentalities, where we don’t talk unless talked to.

A friend of mine once asked me why people in class seem to dislike talking to other classmates so much. I replied that it might be that people are afraid of disturbing others, or that they want to keep to themselves. He then said that most people he talked to randomly were perfectly nice and not disturbed at all. So why not talk to new people?

I wish it rained less. Not so that I can finally try to tan my woefully pale legs, but so that I can tuck away my umbrella and talk about how much nicer our summer weather has become.

I wanted to make cookies to hope for clearer skies. I first decided on rainbow cookies, but then decided against it and tried for sun cookies. But then I realized I only had star cutouts. I thought I could make it work, but since I’m not used to piping, I ended tracing the edges and makes stars. Heh. At least the sun is a star too.

The sugar cookie recipe is from IAmBaker, and the royal icing is JoyofBaking.

Share one with someone new today! Take it to work, or class, or yoga class!


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