Explorating of Our Current Food System

Sounds fancy, huh?
Don’t worry. It’s not. Or rather, it could be. But in the end, it should be alright. Heh. Sorry if that wasn’t too convincing. But really, this is less of a college paper than just a way for me to explore all the different parts of our ways of getting and eating food (our being America, specifically middle- to upper-class) and maybe what I can do about it.

I mean, it’s a very popular topic nowadays. Americans are obese. Michelle Obama wants us to get moving. The New York major wants us to drink less soda. Eggs were bad for you, but they’re good for you again, and milk is unnecessary. Unless it’s raw milk. Our friends are vegetarian, raw, vegan, dairy-free, sugar-free, fat-free, carb-less, protein-full. I’m pretty sure the last two aren’t real words, but you get the idea, right? We’re eating a lot, alone. We’re trying to find all the answers to our medical problems through food. Maybe the Mediterranean people and Japanese have fewer problems due to their diets, but what they eat certainly isn’t as restricted and reigned in as ours is becoming. Tightening our diet isn’t going to loosen our belts.

As we take on these new eating ways in the name of health, there are so many more sides to the story than our personal health.

Here are the topics I want to cover (up to change as I start writing each week):
I. Processed and Fast Food
II. Genetically-Modified Food
III. International Food and Big Food Corporations
IV. Grocery Shopping and the Cost of Food
V. What Should We Do?

By no means do I intend for this to be a 5-part lecture on how we’re all going to die of Type II diabetes if we don’t start eating more fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market. I certainly eat things I know I probably shouldn’t. I just want to share what I know, and maybe in the process, come up with a plan for myself on what I should do to eat better.

Of course, I’d love to get your input and opinions. If you ever have any comments or questions, just let me know!


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