Depart from the ordinary

I made this chocolate pudding-custard and sesame cookies a week or so ago, but the setup reminded me of tea of cookies.

We went to a (what I thought would be) fancy English tea shop to commemorate my friend’s soon departure for medical school. I thought it’d be fancy schmancy, sipping tea and munching on crumpets or scones. But that didn’t exactly happen. The shop was small, and filled from top to bottom with flowery decor and “Keep Calm and Carry On” merchandise. The six of us slid into a corner booth, and elbowed each other trying to drink our tea (that we ended up trying to chug) and reaching for the desserts we ordered.

gurgle pots, keep calm posters and tea galore

The tea was good, ranging from English breakfast to flavored greens and whites. We ordered a range of desserts: a mixed berry crumble, lemon cheesecake, german chocolate cake, and peach cream tart. We steeped our own loose-leaf teas, and the desserts came on different flower-patterned plates. They were rather sweet, too.

Being as new a blogger as I am, I didn’t take many pictures, and none of the food. I forgot my camera! But the important things were there, like our friends and lively, humorous conversation (seriously, who talks about bathroom experiences, funerals and organ donations at tea??).

Queen Chou, the med student

Many things are changing right now. Several people are now out-of-reach, and our upstairs-neighbors for the past year now live in another apartment complex. In the grand scheme of things, I know they’re not anything big. Everyone will be back by the New Year, and the new apartment complex is only a street down. But the past year, it’s been so nice, hanging out with everyone and being able to go upstairs for an impromptu potluck, that I just don’t want it to change. I’m also not ready for my own departure to France later this month. All of these new, unknown places and situations. What if we all come back different people, unable to relate to each other the way we did before? It’s scary.

But at the same time, it’s good for all of us. We need some perspective. See the world from a different angle and come back better, more worldly people.

This is how we tea.

Maybe we’ll go to tea again. I bet we’ll end up talking about random things like bathrooms again too. Hah.

Queen Mary Tea

Sesame cookies and Chocolate Custard Pudding


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