It’s better to be a kid (anpan part 1)

Why do little kids always seem to want to grow up so fast? They want to wear makeup and low v-necks, and strut around and have girl/boyfriends. Don’t they know that when you’re little is the only time you can get away with ONLY ever being friends with the opposite sex, and get out of trouble with a smile and a twirl? It’s when you get to play more than work, and the future is tomorrow.


I mean, I’m not too jealous of little kids, maybe because I’m still not that old. But the prospect of adulthood is enough to make me want to bury back under the sheets and cover my ears. Why would little kids EVER want to have to deal with tests and work and taxes and politics and the world news? It can get pretty depressing at times. I guess that’s why people like to be “young at heart”– anything to preserve that fresh-faced carefree attitude.


So I take it as a compliment that people think I belong in kindergarten sometimes. Although, by the time it gets to my brain, I’m hearing “optimistic, energetic, and carefree”. With finals, moving out, getting the apartment ready for someone else, and packing to go abroad for 5 months, carefree sounds pretty good right now.  Stress will just make you old. And I have nary a gray hair on my head.


A part of being youthful (read: childish), and one of the reasons I like baking and cooking is that I like to play with my food. Ya, I’ll admit it. I like to mix together random condiments when they’re in front of me. (Did you know that mixing ketchup, mayonnaise and tartar sauce together look very odd and unappetizing?) With baking and cooking, even though it seems to be precise, or technique-driven, at the end of the day, you’re just throwing things together and seeing how it’ll taste. When I play with my food, I don’t just mess with how it’s made. I also eat it funny. I’ve definitely mixed my dinner all together in my bowl, or eaten a layered salad a single element at a time. Ya, I’m weird. And that’s how this probably happened:

From: Anpanman (minus a pacman-looking chunk. Thanks, Mom)


To: Anpan-less no-man (you were delicious while you existed)**

Heh. The photos amuse me.

I like to play with my food, and have a more childish disposition sometimes. It beats having to act like an adult all the time. children’s carefree attitude would probably be a nice and welcome change for many.


So take a cue from the little ones. Mash up your condiments (when you’re done eating), play dress-up, and dance your heart out. Then sleep easy, at least for a day.





**I was reminded of a joke I heard, which I thought was pretty funny. Though apparently it’s a really old joke, so bear with me.

– What do you call a deer with no eyes?


A: No i-deer. heh

-What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs?


A: Still no i-deer.

Oh, puns, why must you crack me up so?


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