Seattle Love

This post was published to RelaxedTogether at 1:04:47 AM 4/3/2013
Seattle Love

040313_0804_SeattleLove1.jpg(cherry blossoms in the UW Quad)

There are those moments when you feel something so strongly, that only a single thought occupies your mind. Sometimes, all you can think is “I love you” and you scream it in your head, over and over but nothing comes out. Other times, it’s “why is this thing so freaking delicious?!??” Trust me, it’s when that happens that I know I’m going back to a restaurant for sure. Possibly the next day. Or the next meal. Or I’ll just stay there forever and eat all day long.

About a week ago, I went outside and couldn’t help but think, “god, I love Seattle”. We seattleites get so few nice days that when they come, we embrace it whole-heartedly. There’s a common joke that as soon as it hits 60 degrees and partly sunny, everyone’s stripped down to swimwear and trying to tan on our brambly beaches.

But this day, I went outside and the air was fresh, the sun warm, the wind gentle, and the clouds nowhere in sight. The week before had been filled with rain. Either bright and misty-rain, or windy and off-again on-again showers, or simply grey and drizzling. With everything cleared up like that, you could see the start of some cherry trees blossoming, and the daffodils opening up along the sides of the street. I walked, pausing every now and then in a warm patch of sun, towards the waterfront. I think I ended up next to some floating houses. I just stood at the edge of a dock and turned to the sun, staring out across Lake Washington, thinking, “I love Seattle”

040313_0804_SeattleLove3.jpg(by the UW waterfront)

Everything seemed a little bit brighter and better after that. Walking home I thought about how Seattle has a reputation for polite drivers, and when my roommate brought home a cupcake she’d gotten for her birthday, I thought about how great Trophy’s cupcakes are. We also have such a great variety of things, from food cultures to outdoor landscapes.

My friends and I drove down to Portland, about 3 hours away, and “I ❤ Seattle” became “I ❤ the Northwest”. In all honesty, Portland and Seattle look about the same, but Seattle’s hipper sister makes more an interesting food trip. If micro-coffee roasters and food trucks don’t scream Portland, then the drivers who come to a screeching halt as you’ve barely set a foot off the sidewalk scream “portlandia” for sure.

040313_0804_SeattleLove4.jpg(Coava’s cappuccino. Portland photo creds to Phoebe)

Portland also has a good variety of different cultures of food. We tried Norwegian Lefses, a sort of potato crepe, and found some amazing fried chicken. I got the impression that they really didn’t care about having to stick to one certain kind of food, so could try everything. I mean, an ice cream shop had rosewater ice cream with pistachios and saffron, and another one with maple and blueberry pancake bits. WHAAAAAAT that’s so crazy! After a whole day of eating, we realized that it was really only the tip of the iceberg. There was so much more to try!! But next time, we need to have more non-eating activities planned. I’m pretty sure my pants split a little along the car ride back.

040313_0804_SeattleLove5.jpg040313_0804_SeattleLove6.jpg(super delish potatoes bravas and Mediterranean hash from Tasty N Sons)


040313_0804_SeattleLove8.jpg 040313_0804_SeattleLove9.jpg

(crazy good fried chicken, cornbread, bbq brisket; hushpuppies; fried okra from Screen Door)

That’s where I see Seattle trumping Portland. We have more to do here. More things to see and explore, and to do, really. And we’re also really close to Vancouver, BC, another food/tourist city. How great is that? We have everything we could possibly want within an arm’s reach. That’s a small price to pay for the days of grey rain. But hey, it makes you appreciate the sunny days that much more, right?

I -heart- Seattle.



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