Writer’s Block

I have it baaaaad. Like, sit-and-stare-at-the-screen-then-look-down-at-my-nails bad. Like, try-to-write-but-open-up-a-tv-show-instead bad. I haven’t written in what feels like ages. And I haven’t baked in half that time. I honestly don’t know what to write, or where to begin, or what to even think about writing about. So excuse this mess of words, because it probably won’t go anywhere. I suppose I can tell you what I’ve been up to, though.

Ten Things I didn’t tell you about:

1. I turned 21! And hosted a brunch to celebrate, with from-scratch food that I must admit I’m pretty proud of. (Think croissants, spinach pie, blueberry coconut tart, pistachio ice cream, etc)


My from-scratch croissants. Aww so cute!

2. I tried longboarding. Which failed miserably when I fell on my head and went to the ER because my head was bleeding. Oh, did I mention that this folly was on the fourth of July? True All-American fun

3. I read the Count of Monte Cristo. My goodness, if I can be half as awesome as him, I’d be set for life! Although I guess he could come off as overly cold and calculating later on…

4. I rewatched Ten Things I Hate About You, and fawned over how young and charming Heath Ledger was back then. And oh my goodness does Joseph Gordon-Levitt look like a baby!! But I think that about anyone under the age of 18 these days.

5. I’m not sure I should mention this, since it’s probably illegal, but I started reusing bus transfers. I just hate paying that $2.25 for the bus every time I go to take it! That’s almost $5 every time I go to my internship. UNPAID internship. I even found a Facebook group that tells you which color and letter transfer to use that day! Yeah yeah I’m a broke cheapo student.

6. I finally got some color on me. In the Color Me Rad 5k this past weekend. They spray and throw cornstarch-based color bombs at you, and it turns your shower water purple and your headphone wires pink.


Right after crossing the finish line!

7. I finally got some color on me. The other kind. I look at my arms sometimes and wonder why it’s so brown and dark and out-of-place on my skin. Then I remember that it’s called having a tan, and I feel the urge to show somebody, to get eye witnesses before it goes away in a week or so.

sun + water = fun + tan lines

8. I went to the American Psychology Association’s convention, for all of an hour and a half. I met some guys who’d gone in the elevator and chatted them up until they agreed to get me in as their guest if I would lay off. Actually though, the poster session I took a look at was really interesting. It would’ve been nice to be there longer.

9. I went to Hawaii! That’s where I did numbers 4, 7, and 8. Maybe they could’ve combined into this one, but I felt that each deserved its own recognition. Oh Hawaii, of the soft sand and breezy warm weather. My friends and I went snorkeling and saw giant sea turtles (not from diving though… they came to us as the turtles came up for air). We took mopeds around Honolulu, which is really quite fun– it would have been nice to have had more time on the north side of the island. And we stuffed ourselves with as much “Hawaiian” (which seems to always include potatoes, mac salad, eggs, and/or rice) and Japanese noodles as we could handle. There was a weird moment on the first night of walking into Marukame and slowly realizing that it was the exact same thing as U:Don back in UDistrict.

Our group at the top of Diamond Head


SEA TURTLE! So giant

We were a 35-mph moped gang. ’cause we’re cool like that

10. The last thing I’ve done this summer so far! I got off my butt (or I guess not, since I’m still sitting) and spewed out some words for a blog post! Hopefully I’ll be able to write about something more interesting soon. But at least I’ve broken my hiatus.


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