With the school year over, a lot of my friends are going on with their summer plans. A few are going to Taiwan, others starting internships, and some just hanging around Seattle. But all that moving around has me thinking about transitions. I’m moving into the second half (!) of my college education. On top of that, I’ll be going to Lyon, France for three months in the fall. Many of my other friends are thinking about graduation next year. And there have been so many 21st birthday parties this year, I’ve just about lost count.

To celebrate so many transitions, I held a little barbeque. The weather didn’t cooperate so well, but the food was good, and the company pleasant. I made a tiramisu cake for dessert, a cake I know almost everyone likes.

My mom told me something interesting afterwards; she said to host every party grandly, because you never know when you’ll get the same group of people together in the same way again. Especially true for us now, I think.

So where does that leave us, as a whole group? I don’t really know. I won’t see the friends who’ve just gone to Taiwan for six months. Another is off to medical school. It seems we’re all starting to go our separate ways. We’re growing up! (and we though that happened when we were toilet-trained in high school moving out actually, maybe we’re not GROWN-UPS yet, but we’re getting there.) I’d hate to have this group of close friends be one of those old acquaintances where you see a photo and think, “wow, I haven’t talked to her in a long time. I wonder what she’s up to these days…” But I believe that when we’re all back together, hanging out, we’ll still be the same. Different, of course, through our respective experiences eating through France, or buried in textbooks, but at the core, the same group of friends.  I’ve known some of the group for so long that it’s like second-nature to have them in my life, and I’m so grateful to them for having stuck with me for so long.


I made this tiramisu based on Dorie Greenspan’s recipe, which I found here. I used 1 10-in springform pan, instead of the 2 8- or 9-in called for. When it finished baking I thought it was a little too low to cut in half, and i stacked two half-moons on top of each other that ended up really thick. It probably would’ve been better to cut them horizontally in half. Also make sure to use all the syrup in the cake. I was hesitant, and it ended up somewhat dry.